A collection of posts on various topics that may help you learn something technically or otherwise. Some of them are targeted primarily at prospective and current graduate students in the area of wireless and signal processing.

Fundamentals of Antenna Arrays
An introduction to antenna array theory and beamforming.

Analog and Digital Self-Interference Cancellation
An overview of established full-duplex solutions: analog and digital self-interference cancellation.

What is Full-Duplex?
An introduction to full-duplex communication systems.

Beam Alignment
An introduction to beam alignment in high-frequency communication systems.

A LaTeX Poster Template
A LaTeX template for posters.

Slides: LaTeX Tips, Tricks, and Good Practice
LaTeX practice that I have found to work well for me.

Advancing to Candidacy for WNCG Students
Outlining the process for advancing to Ph.D. candidacy in ECE at UT Austin.

The Connection Between Multiple Defintions of SNR
Clarifying remarks on SNR.

Brief Summarizing Remarks on Rayleigh Fading
A quick summary of the distributions associated with Rayleigh fading.

Creating a Glossary of Acronyms in LaTeX
A brief introduction to creating a glossary of acronyms in LaTeX.

Code Snippet: Theorems, Etc. in LaTeX
A code snippet for theorems, corollaries, lemmas, definitions, and remarks in LaTeX.

Code Snippet: Algorithms in LaTeX
A code snippet for algorithms in LaTeX.

IEEE Bibliographies in LaTeX
Tips and tricks for bibliographies in IEEE papers.

Code Snippet: LaTeX Math Macros
A code snippet of useful LaTeX math macros.

Code Snippet: MATLAB Startup Commands
A code snippet of useful MATLAB startup commands.

Code Snippet: MATLAB Plot Colors
A code snippet of to fetch custom plot colors in MATLAB.

Code Snippet: Subfigures in LaTeX
A code snippet for subfigures in LaTeX.

Signal Recovery for Compressed Sensing via OMP
In this note, I provide a simple MATLAB example of compressed sensing and signal recovery.

AD9361 Setup and Interfacing
This guide will describe how I setup and use the Analog Devices AD9361 software-defined radio platform. I interface with the radio using Python via Analog Device’s library libiio.

Using Git with Overleaf
How to use Git on your Overleaf projects.

Tips and Tricks I Find Helpful
A list of various tips and tricks I have found to be helpful, primarily related to my time as a graduate student. Perhaps some of it works for you.

Topics in Wireless and Signal Processing
A growing list of topics that undergraduate and early graduate students in signal processing/wireless may want to look into. It’s hard to know what you don’t know.